About Us


CMU Insider is all about providing students at Central Michigan University a fresh perspective.

Insider examines issues not discussed in other student media, analyzes big topics,and presents information in a unique way.

Insider is dedicated to in-depth and data journalism because it’s important for students to know what is truly happening at their university.

We relentlessly advocate on behalf of the CMU student body by always digging deep into a story – beyond the headlines and asking tough questions.

Insider is dedicated to providing a forum where students can share their views because we believe they matter.

We also encourage our staff to be creative, inventive and bold. The digital world gives us a million tools to tell a story so we encourage our staff to use them.

Have a comment, question or concern? Email cmichinsider@gmail.com, and we’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Interested in writing for us? We’re looking for any student, regardless of major or experience, who has something meaningful to say about the issues of the day. We also are looking for hardworking students interested in photojournalism, web, video, public relations and graphic design.

We encourage any student to send in guest columns and photos as part of our campus voices network.

Does that sound like you? Email cmichinsider@gmail.com with your contact information so we can get you going.

Be sure to like us on Facebook below and to follow us on Twitter @CMUInsider.

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