Takeaways from the Inaugural State of the Student Body Address

Over 200 Central Michigan University students, faculty, and administrators, along with local officials, filled the seats of the Powers Ballroom tonight for the inaugural State of the Student Body Address from the Student Government Association.

SGA President Chuck Mahone said before tonight the goal of the event was to, “make sure students are involved and informed, but to also keep [SGA] accountable.”

“There have been a lot of presidents who have promised things to students and just haven’t delivered,” Mahone said. “So, hopefully if this event becomes a tradition in SGA, we can remain accountable for what we do or don’t do.”

Although Mahone mentioned issues students face such as rising costs of college, the lack of transparency with university administrators and tensions between students and Mt. Pleasant residents, he placed much of the responsibility on students.

The address itself was an overview of topics that are discussed on this campus every day, but hidden in the address was the idea students are responsible for the community that exists here.

When describing the heavy police presence during big “party” weekends, Mahone said the onus is on students to work with Mt. Pleasant officials to create a safer community, while it is the students themselves who ultimately pay the price.

Another noteworthy item was the absence of CMU President George Ross and his wife. Given that Mayor Kathy Ling and head coach John Bonamego of the CMU football team, as well as his wife, were in attendance, it only makes sense that the president of the university show up.

By the end of the event, most of the questions Insider previously had wanted answered were addressed, but Mahone admitted some of these issues don’t have simple answers.

Mahone asked students to get active about causing the changes they would like to see on campus.

“I urge my fellow students to stop complaining about these issues, and take action,” Mahone said.

Mahone emphasized the change an individual can bring, imploring students to become active in not only student government, but also in taking care of fellow students.

“It only takes one Chippewa to change things,” he said.

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