The cost and value of Central Michigan University football in six graphics

Central Michigan University Athletic Director Dave Heeke announced early plans to update Kelly/Shorts Stadium, according to a Central Michigan Life article.

Heeke said the renovations would cost $10 to $20 million, but didn’t give any specific dates for the renovations. While it’s unclear how much money the update will cost, CMU students’ tuition dollars already support the athletic program, especially the football program.

Overall subsidies for the athletic department have increased by 26.5% from 2011 to 2015.

Infographic (3)



















While subsidies for CMU’s athletic department have greatly increased, revenue has not increased.

Infographic (4)






















According to the operating budget, CMU athletics spends more money on football than men’s cross country, track and field, wrestling, women’s soccer, field hockey, women’s golf, women’s lacrosse and women’s cross country combined.

Infographic (1)



















According to a Central Michigan Life article, CMU football has the lowest gpa out of all the athletic teams.

Infographic (2)






















Thirty-two former football players have ever been on NFL roster.










Eight out of the 10 past football seasons have been winning, but the past five seasons have been lack luster.

Football_season_1 (1)

























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