Central Michigan University hands out the fourth highest number of liquor violations, arrests

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Central Michigan University handed the fourth largest amount of liquor arrests and violations referred for disciplinary, which is consistent with its student population size. 

Liquor violations at CMU have increased by more than 40% in the past academic  year. However, CMU is not the only university that appears to be increasing their enforcement of liquor laws. 

Many Michigan universities report more drug and alcohol violations being referred for disciplinary action, while other institutions have remained more consistent. However, overall arrests for liquor violations are down. 

Clery Report

Every university is legally required to release an annual fire and safety report as part of the Clery Act.

In these reports, institutions are required to disclose the number of arrests for drug and alcohol violations.

In addition, universities must report the number of alcohol and drug violations referred to disciplinary action. Students referred to disciplinary action are punished by the university, but do not necessarily face criminal charges.

As reported previously by Insiderliquor law violations referred to disciplinary action has increased by more than 40% at CMU, however the number of arrests have stayed relatively consistent.

At CMU, a first offense for a liquor violations results in a $200 fee and an online alcohol education course. Students are responsible for $15 to enroll in the class.

The second offense for a liquor violations includes a $300 fee, an online alcohol education course and the student will be on disciplinary probation until graduation. The third offense results in suspension.

In 2013 the University of Michigan refereed 1,234 liquor violations for disciplinary action.  In 2014, that number shot up to 1,429. However, drug violations referred for disciplinary action stayed mostly consistent.

Other universities such as Western Michigan University and Eastern Michigan University has seen a significant uptick of alcohol and drug violations as well.

However, Wayne State University reported fewer violations. In 2013, the institution had 31  liquor violations reported to student conduct. in 2014, at WSU, there were no reported liquor violations.

Oakland University reported that no liquor violations were referred. However, OU reports there has been 49 arrests for liquor violations.

Being arrested for a minor-in-possession can result in receiving criminal charges, but sometimes the sentence can be deferred.

According to Mount Pleasant Attorney James D. Veldhuis’ website, “most first-time offenders are eligible for a diversion program. If the program is adequately completed, the underage drinking charges would be dismissed without being placed on your criminal record. ”


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