UPDATE: Pharmacy closure will save university about $60,000 a year

Since the posting of the original article, Gabriel Santi, director of communication and marketing for the College of Medicine, has responded to additional questions asked by Insider on the specifics of the budgetary process behind the pharmacy’s closure.

According to Santi, the pharmacy has been subsidized by an average of $60,000 for the past two years.

“Although some cost savings will be realized, the pharmacy was closed for several reasons,” Santi said.

Santi cites changes in the local clinical and pharmaceutical marketplace as a major contributing factor to the closure.

“When CMU’s on-campus pharmacy was expanded to faculty and staff in 2005, the number of pharmacies near campus was minimal,” Santi said. “Today, there are nearly a dozen retail pharmacies in Mt. Pleasant, offering patients a wide range of options for prescription fulfillment.”

Santi also says that pharmacy services are not part of the core mission of the College of Medicine.

According to Santi, only one employee of the pharmacy is going to be displaced.

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