University Health Services Pharmacy will be closing soon

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The University Health Services Pharmacy will be permanently closed as of March 1, 2016, according to an announcement on Central Michigan University’s website.

The pharmacy will be unable to fill any prescriptions after 5 p.m. on February 29. Patients who have prescriptions at the pharmacy will need to complete a form to transfer any prescriptions to another pharmacy, accessible here.

The announcement said that new pharmacies in the local area make the on-campus pharmacy less needed.

The College of Medicine and University Health Services are discontinuing pharmacy services effective March 1.
The pharmacy was expanded to serve faculty and staff in 2005; it had filled prescriptions for students for years. CVS and Walgreens have opened since then within a block of campus, and nearly a dozen pharmacies compete across town. This minimizes the need for CMU’s pharmacy, said Frederick Creighton, assistant dean of clinical operations.
As a small pharmacy with one pharmacist, staffing was difficult at times. And while previously profitable, the pharmacy was subsidized the past two years by an average $60,000. Consider as well that a pharmacy isn’t in the college’s core mission, and it makes sense to redirect customers to nearby, full-service drug stores, Creighton said.
The last day the pharmacy will be open is Monday, Feb. 29. Until then, customers needing a prescription filled may call the pharmacy at 6590 to check medication availability. Prescriptions for UHS patients will be filled as long as the medications are in stock. If medications are not available, prescriptions will be sent to a local pharmacy of the patient’s choice.

University Health Services has provided a list of pharmacies in Mount Pleasant, as well as a list of frequently asked questions.

Insider will be following up, so check back soon. Questions or concerns regarding the closure can be directed to Health Manager of Clinical Operations Tam Crabtree, tam.crabtree

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