Academic Senate Meeting Highlights: Nov. 17

61-61765The Academic Senate discussed committee appointments, employment searches, funding allocation and service integration. Here are the highlights of the discussed topics.

President George Ross discussed the openness of CMU’s various committee meetings and the Board of Trustees, and he encouraged people to attend these different meetings based on their interests to provide input.

Sherry Knight, associate vice president of university communications, has been appointed co-chair of CMU’s Shared Governance and Communications Committee by President Ross. She joins Christi Brookes, chair of the foreign languages, literatures and cultures department, who has chaired the Shared Governance and Communications Committee since its inception in fall 2013.

Last year, Ross appointed a University Space Committee. The committee reviews if the university’s space is being utilized to its potential.  The new co-chair of that committee is Linda Slater, director of Plant Engineering and Planning. Ross said the Space Committee is examining two projects concerning space allocation with the first level of Ronan Hall and potentially Park Library.

The university has appointed Clint Snyder as the senior associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Medicine. Snyder comes from the University of Memphis, with a degree in sociology and a master’s in business administration.

“He’s been in the medical world for the past several years,” Provost Michael Gealt said. “He’s quite an interesting fellow.”

Gealt said the distribution plan has been finalized. He said it is in a process of transition, so it isn’t happening immediately.

Gealt also said one of the requirements of this new plan is that the colleges develop an assessment plan.

“There’s some funds in this plan you’ll notice that are under the control of Interim Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. David Ash, because one of the reasons we’re doing this is so that we can get some of the provost funding to some new doctoral programs that have been developed,” Gealt said. “The vice president is holding back some dollars and will be distributed over each year primarily because we expect that there will be new doctoral programs that are being developed.”

The university is implementing a process of service integration.

Gealt said there are services being duplicated in multiple units.

“We’re just looking at services. we’re trying to consolidate where it makes sense to consolidate,” he said. “The goal is to improve services to students, faculty and staff across the university, and by university I mean Mount Pleasant, Saginaw, all of our locations and online.”

He said CMU wants to streamline and be more effective. He said being more cost-effective would be nice, but that is not the goal of this.

“We want to expand CMU’s competitiveness in a market that is evolving very rapidly,” he said.

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