More context and information on the Paris attacks

12240040_908168599232649_5820530849953385727_nThe world is still trying to make sense of the terrorist attack in Paris. The ramifications of  the attacks are still not clear.

There is an overwhelming amount of information about the attacks. Insider has provided some links to information that will help you keep informed about the past and future.

1. The New York Times has a page that is continuously updating any news relating to the Paris attacks. The updates include changes in death tolls and responses from world leaders.

2. Sometimes when news breaks, the timeline of events can get lost in translation. If you are confused,  the New York Times created a timeline that shows how the tragic events in Paris unfolded.

3. So what exactly is ISIS? Vox created a video that explains the history of the Syria war and how it relates to radical terrorism.

4.  The Atlantic  did a long study about the history and motivations of the Islamic State. It’s a lengthy, but rewarding read. Check out the Washington Post for a recap of what the candidates had to say about foreign policy.

5. The Democratic candidates had a debate and the Parisian attacks was the first topic discussed.

6. There have been some inaccurate social media posts circling around. Check out BuzzFeed to make sure you are not sharing false information.

Arielle Hines is the editor of CMU Insider. You can contact her at 

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