INFOGRAPHIC: Subsidies for auxiliary services has increased by more than 15 percent in the past five years

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In the past five years, subsidies for auxiliary centers at Central Michigan University, such as athletics, recreation and public broadcasting, has increased by 15.4 percent.

Auxiliary services takes a significant portion of the university expenses. As Insider previously reported, 20% of the University’s expenses went to auxiliary services in the 2014/2015 year.

The athletic department has received the biggest increase in subsidies out of all the auxiliary centers. In the 2011/2012 year, the athletic department received $16.8 million in subsidies. For this current year, the department is receiving $21.1 million.

According to the 2015/2016, athletics is only projected to make $6,283,986. In the 2011/2012 year, the budget predicted athletics would generate $6,431,011 in profit.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a significant increase in subsidies to university recreation and events. CMU allocated $2.46 million for the event center and university recreation, only slightly lower than the $2.59 million allocated for this current school year.

University Health Services were transferred to the College of Medicine in the 2012/2013 fiscal year. The College of Medicine clinical operations subsidy includes University Health Services.

Most of these services receive subsidies because they do not create enough revenue to cover its expenses. An exception is telecommunication, which does generate enough revenue to make a profit. However, the budget was created for the assumption that expenses will increase with the opening of the bio-science building and the growth of the College of Medicine.

The subsidy for public broadcasting, which supports WCMU TV and FM station, has increased by almost 9% in the past five years. WCMU also has other sources of income include individual contributions and underwriting.

Arielle Hines is the editor of CMU Insider. You can contact her at 

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