Satanic Temple spokesperson speaks to CMU students and faculty

Jex Blackmore, national spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, spoke to about 40 students and faculty members Thursday in Moore 107.

The Satanic Temple has a chapter in Detroit that received media coverage over the summer for their unveiling of a statue of Baphomet: a being that represents the binary elements in life such as male and female, good and evil.

Blackmore said she has received death threats, hate mail and other threats trying to censor her and her congregation’s beliefs.

“Our game is not to reject religion, or destroy it or to distort it,” Blackmore said. “It is to somewhat redefine what it means to be a religion.”

Blackmore and TST embrace Satan in the sense of being an outsider, a reject and someone who goes against the norm. TST is non-theistic, meaning they do not believe in the supernatural or that a deity or deities control their fate.

“There shouldn’t be someone whispering in our ear telling us what is right and wrong, people are inherently good,” Blackmore said.

One of TST’s main beliefs is that religion holds no place in politics or civic life.

“We wanted to form a community and empower people to utilize each other and challenge the idea that theocracy has a place in our world,” said Blackmore.

Dr. Tim Boudreau, a journalism professor at Central Michigan University, facilitated Blackmore’s visit to campus.

Boudreau, who teaches Law of Mass Communication, said he wanted to show that often times our first amendment protects unpopular speech and it is important for a marketplace of competing and potentially controversial ideas to be present in society.

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