Know Your Rights: Quick and Dirty Guide to Academic Dishonesty

Our article on academic dishonesty is one of the most read posts in Insider’s history.

The article is a bit extensive, so we decided to make a quick and dirty guide. Please refer to CMU’s academic policy for more details as well.

    • If your professor believes you have performed academically dishonesty behavior, that person should contact you within 10 business days.
    • If you don’t contact your professor back, you lose your right to appeal against the course of action your professor takes against you.
    • Professors have discretion as to how they deal with academic dishonesty. They could simply give students a warning or go as far as failing a student for the entire course.
    • If you talk to the professor and don’t agree with the chosen punishment, you can appeal.
    • You must send your appeal to the instructor and the dean of the college in which the violation occurred
    • You must send an appeal after 10 business days after the instructor notifies you of their final decision.
    • The dean will create a committee of faculty of students to determine if they would have reached the same decision as the instructor.
    • The committee will recommend to the dean a course of action. However, it’s the dean’s final decision.
    • The dean’s decision is final.
    • Keep in mind, you could still be facing sanctions by your department and/or the Office of Student Conduct.

Arielle Hines is the editor of CMU Insider. You can contact her at 

This is not intended to serve as official legal advice. Please contact an attorney if you need legal assistance. 

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