Know Your Rights: More Advice from CO-Star Attorney

Courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee from
Courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee from

Last week, Insider shared some advice from attorney C.L. Lindsay III who came to Central Michigan University a couple weeks ago. This is the next continuation of that series.

Online Stalking 

Lindsay said a person doesn’t have to be following you to be a stalker.

“In the eyes of the laws, if you are doing something and it’s creepy enough, it’s probably stalking,” Lindsay said.

He said usually the criteria of stalking is the person’s behavior is creating a reasonable fear of being harmed and/or the behavior is creating an inference with the stalked individual’s everyday life.

Lindsay pointed out stalking can be online and can include harassment. View Insider’s post on Michigan stalking laws for more information.

You’re are not anonymous on Yik Yak or any other app

He pointed out an incident at Penn State where a student put a bomb threat on Yic Yak and was later arrested.

“This kid didn’t have a speeding ticket, he certainly didn’t have any ammunition,” Lindsay said. “He just thought it was a funny thing to put out there.”

The student was sentenced to a year in jail, permanently expelled from school and fined $40,000.

“The point is if bad enough, you’re not anonymous,” Lindsay said. “They will find you out.”

Check out our other “Know Your Rights” posts. You can also view our crime data page, which we update every Tuesday about crimes on campus and in Mount Pleasant.

Arielle Hines is the editor of CMU Insider. You can contact her at

This is not intended to serve as official legal advice. Please contact an attorney if you need legal assistance.


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