What You Should Know: Oct. 21

Courtesy of www.gotcredit.com .
Courtesy of http://www.gotcredit.com .

Let’s be honest, keeping up with the news has not been your first priority. Luckily for you, we have made a quick and dirty guide to what’s happening on our campus, state and nation.

Bill Holmes, the new Director of International Affairs at CMU, plans on getting international students better connected with campus and domestic students during their time at CMU.
More from CM Life:

Holmes said he aims to develop a plan for university-wide internationalization that takes everyone on campus into consideration. The goal of internationalization is to help faculty, staff and students be more aware of global issues.
Tracy Nakajima, director of International Student and Scholar Services, said the office wants to increase interaction between international students and domestic students to give international students the full experience of an American education. Furthermore, though the goal of the International Affairs Office is to have American students study abroad, they know not everyone will be able to — however, those students can still interact with international students at CMU.
“(Internationalization would) bring international issues and awareness into everyone’s daily life,” Nakajima said.
The office will focus on classroom curriculum that brings in international issues.
“Our staff’s duties are supporting the students once they’re here and helping students navigate through other support services that are already here because international students are CMU students, just as anyone else is,” she said.
Since it is an academic unit, Holmes said, faculty should have input on internationalization. Through open forums and focus groups, Holmes hopes to hear from faculty and students about their ideas on internationalization and the issues that are important to them.

Michigan anti-abortion advocates are targeting a common second-trimester abortion procedure, pushing bills in the Republican-led Legislature to prohibit what they say is “dismemberment” of a fetus.”
More from Click On Detroit:

Similar criminal bans have been approved in two other states, Kansas and Oklahoma, where they temporarily are on hold after court rulings. The Michigan legislation was the subject of a House hearing on Tuesday and could advance this fall.
The procedure, called dilation and evacuation, accounted for 2,264, or 8 percent, of the state’s 27,629 reported abortions in 2014, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. About 86 percent of abortions occurred in the first trimester.
D&E “is a gruesome, horrific and cruel type of abortion procedure whereby tiny unborn humans are literally ripped apart,” the bills’ sponsor, Republican Rep. Laura Cox of Livonia, told the House Criminal Justice Committee. “It seems unconscionable to me that this type of abortion exists, and it is time that this practice ended.”
Abortion rights advocates say the legislation is unconstitutional and would ban one of the safest and more common abortion methods.
“These bills create a dangerous environment for patients by preventing doctors from having every option available when providing care,” said Matthew Allswede, a Lansing doctor representing the state section of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. “It is extremely dangerous for legislators to presume that they are better equipped than experienced physicians to judge what treatment approach is appropriate for a patient and under what circumstances.”
The main bill would amend a 2011 abortion law that outlaws a procedure abortion opponents call “partial-birth” abortion. Like that law, the “dismemberment” bill would provide an exception if a physician determines the procedure is necessary to save a woman’s life.

Do you own a drone or plan on purchasing one in the future? It will be required to register it with the U.S. government.
More from Reuters:

The Obama administration said on Monday that it would require drone owners to register their unmanned aircraft as part of an effort to curtail rogue drone flights that pose a danger to commercial aircraft and crowded public venues.
U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the creation of a task force of private sector and government representatives to craft recommendations for establishing the first ever federal drone registry.
The recommendations are due by Nov. 20, and administration officials hope to have the registry in place before Christmas, when they say that more than 1 million new drones could be given as gifts to new untrained operators. The registration requirements would also apply to drones already in use.
The initiative represents the administration’s effort to address the rising number of unauthorized drone sightings near airports and crowded public venues. The FAA has reported more than 650 unauthorized drone sightings so far this year, as of Aug. 9, compared with 238 for all of 2014. If sightings continue at that rate, the number would near 1,100 by the year end.
“The signal we’re sending today is that when you enter the national air space, it’s a very serious matter,” Foxx said. As part of a parallel effort, the Federal Aviation Administration is also working with other agencies to develop systems that can identify and track drones or keep them away from vulnerable sites.

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