Video: How long will it take you to graduate from Central Michigan University?

The ideal of graduating in four years is just simply not the reality for many students.

At Central Michigan University, only 21 percent of students graduate in four years. CMU’s goal is for 25 percent of students to graduate in fours years by 2019.

In the 2013-2014 year, 60 percent of students graduated within six years.

Not graduating in four years is the trend outside CMU. A report named “The Four Year Myth” compiled by the nonprofit Complete College America, found only 50 out of 580 four-year public institutions had four-year graduation rates at or above 50 percent.

At the last CMU Board of Trustee meeting, President George Ross said if students athletes who are required to travel and practice for long hours could graduate, so could the everyday student.

“Those three young ladies came to CMU four years ago, played Division I basketball at the highest level and graduated in four years,” Ross said. “We talk about a six-year graduation rate. If you can play D-I sports and graduate in four years, I challenge all of us, why can’t students (do the same).”

Insider decided to ask students at random how long it would take them to graduate. The interviews were split into two videos produced by Arielle Hines and Nick Green.

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