CMU on-campus enrollment remains in decline amidst continuing trend of fewer new freshmen

On-campus undergraduate enrollment decreased for the sixth consecutive year according to the Office of Institutional Research. Since 2010, the number of on-campus undergraduates declined from 19,368 to 17,265, a fall of -11.9 percent.

Total campus enrollment decreased for the fifth time in six years.  In all, 19,549 students enrolled at CMU in the fall 2015 semester, a decrease of 1,741 from the university’s all time high enrollment in 2010.

New freshman enrollment fell -8.7 percent this past year, from 3,773 to 3,443 students. In the longer term, new freshman enrollment has declined -17.5 percent from its 2010 high of 4,173 students. This signals a potentially worrying trend in the decline of new freshmen attending CMU.

Between 2008-2011, 15,566 new freshmen enrolled on CMU’s campus, while 2012-2015 has only seen 13,524. This indicates total enrollment numbers are likely to remain comparatively low and/or in decline for at least the next few years.

Areas that have seen tremendous growth are minority and international enrollment.

Minority enrollment has increased 48.2 percent since 2010, from 1,851 to 2,743 students on campus. This semester, minority enrollment grew 9.6 percent, from 2,503 to 2,743.

The number of international students attending CMU has risen more dramatically than any other demographic. In the fall of 2015, 1,170 international students were enrolled with the university, a 10 percent increase from last year and nearly double the 2010 number of 605.

Total graduate student enrollment is another area that has seen an increase in recent years. This semester, graduate enrollment increased 9.1 percent to 2,284 students, which is an 18.8 percent increase from the 2010 figure of 1,922.

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