Academic Senate Meeting Highlights: Sept. 22


The goals and priorities of Central Michigan University President George Ross and Provost Michael Gealt were shared at the Academic Senate meeting on Tuesday.

Some of these goals included enrollment, accreditation and technology.

Ross announced enrollment statistics will be published by the Office of Institutional Research Thursday.

CMU is the first university in the state of Michigan to be authorized within the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

‘We’re authorized in all 49 other states outside of Michigan to teach distance education,” Ross said.

Ross said the university had to fill out applications and pay fees in the 49 other states to maintain 49 separate accreditations across 49 states.

There will be no State of the University address. Instead, a written annual report will be available. The next State of the University address will take place on October 13, 2017, CMU’s 125th anniversary.

CMU has received three grants in amounts greater than $100,000.

  • A $492,000 grant was issued for an electron microscope for the new biomedical sciences building being constructed.
  • A $241,000 grant for the College of Medicine from the National Institute of Health
  • A grant toward Engineering and Technology of $560,000 as part of a research, education and training project

The Higher Learning Commission has its website up at

Gealt said the HLC would be ready to share its federal compliance document soon.

Gealt said one of the requirements of the federal compliance is the university tracks all student complaints.

“It’s required that we have a way the HLC can look at that and make sure that we are following up and making sure we are responding to all of the student complaints,” he said.

The Office of Informational Technology is taking steps to respond to national trends affecting various universities around the country. Gealt did point out that CMU has not been hacked.

He said the university was in the process of hiring a Chief Institutional Security Officer. The search is being narrowed based on qualified candidates.

“At the same time all policies and procedures related to IT security are being reviewed and, where applicable, revised,” Gealt said.

There is a redistribution of funding for graduate assistantship being considered.

The College of Graduate Studies (CGS) invested about $3.3 million in three-year academic division funds to support about 160 graduate assistant positions.

Gealt said the allocation of these resources to the colleges has been based on history rather than any annual trends or analysis.

Ian Davison, dean of the College of Science and Technology and Interim Vice President of Research, conducted a thorough analysis that will help CGS transition to the new distribution plan, which includes:

  • A requirement that colleges develop an assessment plan for the GA funds they receive from CGS
  • Requires funds under the control of the dean of graduate school that is the VPR, Dean of GS
  • A program review probably every five years at which point the university will examine the numbers and the accomplishments and ensure colleges are meeting their goals outlined in their assessment plans, and determine whether a redistribution is necessary

Established at the April 2015 Board of Trustees meeting, the CMU Online Academics Program Study Committee looked at some data collected by faculty, chairpersons and students from several years back to gauge the quantity of the distance course offerings with CMU in comparison to other similar institutions of higher education.

  • Ten years ago: Approximately 80 percent of all of the global campus SCH generated was face-to-face, primarily at the off-campus sites CMU has throughout the U.S., which is currently 55
  • The 2014-15 academic year: 80 percent was online and 20 percent was face-to-face

The committee’s full reports, minutes and comparison chart can be found here.

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