What You Should Know: Sept. 9

Courtsey of @Doug88888 from the Flickr Creative Commons.
Courtesy of @Doug88888 from the Flickr Creative Commons.

Let’s be honest, keeping up with the news has not been your first priority. Luckily for you, we have made a quick and dirty guide to what’s happening on our campus, state and nation.

The former Delta Chi fraternity house is now the new home of Pi Kappa Phi. The group moved to the property in June.

Delta Chi was in the spotlight in 2014 after they were handed a four-year suspension. A Freedom of Information Act request revealed incidents of foul play including alleged sexual assaults dating back more than 15 years

More from CM-Life:

The group requested a special use permit to convert the duplex at 1007 S. Main St. back into a Registered Student Organization dwelling. The house was rezoned into a room and board dwelling after  Delta Chi was ousted from the property in summer 2014.

Mount Pleasant’s Planning Commission approved the permit after a public hearing at its regular Sept. 3 meeting.

Pi Kappa Phi began renting the property as a room and board dwelling over the summer. The group moved to the old Delta Chi house from a smaller property at 614 S. Main St.

The old house could fit just five members who shared its paltry one-and-a-half bathrooms for nearly three years. Their new house holds 12 people with more space and six bathrooms.

The top lawyer for the Michigan House recommended Tuesday for one state lawmaker to be expelled and another censured for misconduct stemming from an attempt to hide an extramarital affair.

Brock Swartzle, general counsel for the Republican-led chamber and chief of staff to the speaker, said GOP Rep. Todd Courser of Lapeer should be expelled in part because he has shown “little true remorse,” instead writing “mini-manifestos” on social media to deflect blame.

This stems from Courser, last month, who said he said he sent a false e-mail about paying for gay sex because he was being blackmailed, all to cover up his affair.
More from the New York Post:

He said a censure would be appropriate for Republican Rep. Cindy Gamrat of Plainwell, whom he described as contrite and more of an accomplice in the “bizarre” cover-up attempt.

“Under any standard of appropriate behavior, Rep. Courser has failed in miserable and spectacular fashion,” Swartzle told a special six-member House committee considering discipline.

Gamrat earlier Tuesday admitted to official misconduct, misuse of public resources and asked for a censure.

Kim Davis, Clerk of Rowan County in Kentucky, thanked supporters after she was released from jail Tuesday.
More from USA Today:

Kim Davis was released from jail on the condition that she not “interfere” with her deputy clerks’ efforts to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The Kentucky clerk spent five nights in jail for contempt of court.

This comes a week after Davis defied the U.S. Supreme Court, denying same-sex marriage licenses, citing her religious beliefs.

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