CMU Insider is back and ready to expand

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School is back in session, and so is CMU Insider.

Insider is media outlet dedicated to providing a fresh perspective to the CMU community. Insider analyzes local and national issues and breaks them down for students. We provide viewpoints on issues that matter – going beyond the press release to tell you the real story.

My name is Arielle Hines, and I’m the editor for CMU Insider.  I’m senior at Central Michigan University. I have been with CMU Insider since we began in October of last year. I spent this past summer interning for Michigan Radio, which was sponsored by Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism. I am also a contributing writer for USA Today College.

Insider‘s assistant editor is Wyatt Bush. He also has been with Insider since its inception. A soon to be graduate student in economics, he can be found writing on all things nerdy, sports and economics at Nobody Expects the Dismal Science. Previously, he has served as a staff/senior reporter with CM-Life, in addition to working as a research intern with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Our dedication to in-depth journalism is not changing. However, there are some changes to Insider.

  • Insider has recently changed the theme of our website and in the process of changing its categories. This will allow our readers to view specific content easier.
  • Insider has a new page dedicated to documenting crime data from the CMU Police Department and the Mount Pleasant Police Department. This page will be updated every Tuesday.
  • Every Wednesday, our reporter Kevin Andrews will be posting an article called “What Should You Know.”  He will tell you the top news stories of the week. This will include stories from local, state and national media. This concept is not entirely new to Insider. Our former editor wrote similar posts the past academic school year. However, Insider is now committing to having this post every Wednesday.
  • We will have a weekly post called “Know Your Rights.” The post will contain legal tips relevant to students. The topics will include police interactions, traffic stops, FERPA and landlord responsibilities. We will occasionally post about your rights during a student code conduct investigation.

Wyatt and I encourage anyone to contact us if you would like to write for CMU Insider.  We are looking for reporters who want to write shorter and longer pieces, in addition to contributors who can provide unique viewpoints and perspectives.  Insider also highly encourages our readers or sources to contact us if they believe there is an error in a story. The best email to contact us is

In the meantime, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Arielle Hines is the editor for CMU Insider.  You can email her at

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