A Note from the Editor

By John Irwin

Today is my last day as editor of CMU Insider.

More than six months after this website’s founding, I am stepping down today as I prepare for my graduation this May.

I’m not one for goodbyes, and I’m definitely not one that’s comfortable writing about myself. (Frankly, there are far more interesting things to write about.)

But I must say this: It’s been an exciting year for me as I’ve worked to get this website up off the ground, working on journalism I most love doing: namely, analytical and opinion journalism that can add new insight into the issues surrounding Central Michigan University.

The fact that there have been so many of you that have read our stories over the last six months has meant so much to me. A lot of work goes into this site, and it would be meaningless if there were no readers. So, thank you so much for reading.

But just because I’m going doesn’t mean the website is going away. In fact, it’ll be getting better in the months to come.

Arielle Hines, who has contributed some great work over the last year to CMU Insider and has managed the site’s social media, will take over as editor starting tomorrow, when she will be reporting and analyzing the Board of Trustees meeting. She has incredible ideas for expanding and updating the site while keeping its focus on in-depth journalism alive. I could not be more excited to see where she takes things from here.

So, again, thank you for everything. It’s been a blast getting Insider off the ground, and it wouldn’t have been were it not for you, the readers.

I hope to see you all back here tomorrow for our coverage of the trustees meeting.

One thought on “A Note from the Editor

  1. You’ve done good work, and blazed a new trail with this pioneering effort, John. Best of luck to you, and to Arielle as she continues the mission.


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