What You Should Know: One week until Election Day

Election Day is one week from today. Below are a few recent developments from various races.

Kevin Cotter admitted to an open container conviction, contrary to prior statements.

Kevin Cotter
Kevin Cotter

State Rep. Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, admitted yesterday to pleading guilty to transporting open intoxicants in a vehicle, a misdemeanor, 14 years ago.

It’s a relatively minor incident, especially considering it occurred when it Cotter was 22. What makes it news, however, is that Cotter previously told MLive via a questionnaire that he had never been “convicted of a crime.”

“This situation is not a new development,” Cotter told MLive. “I owned up to this very situation four years ago.”

Read more at MLive.

Gov. Rick Snyder has a small lead over Mark Schauer.

A new poll shows Snyder has a modest 6-percent lead over Schauer, his Democratic opponent, a week out from the election. According to a Detroit News/WDIV poll of registered voters, Snyder has support from 45.2 percent of voters, compared to 39.5 percent for Schauer.

Adding in this latest poll, Snyder has a 3.4-percent average lead over Schauer in RealClearPolitics’ poll of polls. U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, has a 10.1-percent lead in the RCP poll of polls.

Read more at The Detroit News.

Democrats aren’t looking to take over the state Senate.

Republicans hold a 26-12 majority in the Senate right now, thanks to the GOP’s dominant electoral performance in 2010. While it’s very possible that supermajority could shrink significantly come next year, Democrats aren’t banking on taking over control of the upper house of the Legislature.

Democratic leaders see hope for numerous pickups, though.

“We have some really great potential for pickups,” state Sen. Rebekah Warren, D-Ann Arbor, told the Detroit Free Press. “And the lemonade that was made from the lemons of the 2010 election that was so hard on our caucus, is that we don’t have a single incumbent seat that we have to work to defend.”

Read more at the Freep.

President Barack Obama will rally Michigan Democrats on Saturday.

Obama has largely avoided campaigning for Democrats in competitive states this year due to his relatively low approval ratings, especially in those Republican states Democrats are hoping to defend Senate seats in. But Michigan is relatively friendly territory for the president, at least in metro Detroit. So, Obama will be in Michigan on Nov. 1 to rally Democrats for Peters and Schauer.

Where will the president be, and at what time? Well, we don’t exactly know yet. Those details will be released closer to the event.

Read more at the Free Press.

In non-politics news:

Here are some tricks to tackling student loan debt:

The six-month grace period for repaying federal student loans is about to end for the Class of 2014.

That’s not fun. There are things recent graduates can do to help themselves, though.

Learn six tips for tackling loan repayments at Time.

Michigan football is so bad that its student newspaper just gave up.

Central Michigan escaped with a six-point victory over Buffalo this weekend. The Chippewas now sit at 5-4, a record many of head coach Dan Enos’ critics find underwhelming.

At least they’re not Michigan, though. CMU’s got a legitimate chance at a solid 8-win year, good enough for a bowl. Meanwhile, the once-powerful Wolverines find themselves in the midst of a disastrous 3-5 season following a 35-11 drubbing to their in-state rivals, Michigan State.

Things got so bad that The Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan’s student newspaper, basically decided to give up during its coverage of Saturday’s game.

Find out more at ESPN.com.

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